Friday, September 04, 2009

Day 32: Dear Scale

Dear Scale,

I think you're a total phony. I give you unconditional love by taking care of myself. I exercised many times this week. I ate well. I prayed for you to return the love. And you didn't.

In fact, you showed me as having an extra 3lbs on my body as of this morning. After the struggles I endure in order to get some love from you, I thought this was a real kick in the teeth.

You're like a boyfriend that's really bad for me. I want you really badly. When you're good to me, you're really amazing. You dictate my self-worth and happiness. When you're bad to me, you make me feel horrible.

So here we are. I'm not letting you get me down. I'm not going to update my ticker to spite you. I'm going to keep my chin up high and continue to do what I'm doing. I'll come back to you in a couple of weeks. Right now, I just need some distance.

Please don't call me while I'm working through stuff.



Irene said...

Sorry the scale was bad to know its not all about the scale and the numbers, its about you and how you feel and even if you didnt losse a number you still might have gained muscle and lost inches...Hold your chin up and keep doing well you will see that scale will come around...

Sheridan said...

scales are evil when they wanna be, but keep going girl just like the boyfriend, keep the distance and you'll find they'll come looking for you for some extra loving, usually bringing a gift (in this case, well deserved weight loss!!!)

Jackie said...

Just hang in there and be consistent and the scale will catch up! I never update my tracker when I gain weight!! Keep eating right and exercising and you will make it!! Your doing great!!!

Rebecca said...

exactly...just hang in there...its been 4 just may be that time where the scale goes up.

i seem to have one of these cycles every 4 weeks where i gain or maintain.

just keep on plugging away!

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