Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Talking myself out of things

I was supposed to exercise last night after my hubby got home from work. I spent a solid 1/2 hour talking myself out of it: I'm tired, I'll go tomorrow instead, I have too much to do, I want to hang out with my daughter, etc. When my hubby asked if I was actually going to get a move on (we're on a pretty tight schedule with the kids), I started making excuses out loud: "I've got a bit of a headache", "I'm exhausted!", "Maybe I'll eat something first", etc.

Truth is, I was really tired. Still, I dragged myself into my workout clothes and reminded myself of my goals. I decided to not drag my feet around, and tried to get a bit excited about going. With that, I went. And I conquered.

So here's a dilemma I've been having:

My old jeans are falling off me. Like, the butt is sagging, the waist keeps sliding down, and they are just TOO big. Yay!

The jeans which are the next size down fit. But they are snug. Very snug. I don't need to lie on my bed to get the zipper on or anything, but there is muffin top happening. And I feel a little squeezed.

What's better to wear? Jeans that are billowing, because they are comfortable (but also remind you that you've lost weight), or a pair that's smaller and hugs your curves a bit (but reminds you that you haven't lost enough weight)?

I've been avoiding jeans altogether, but I'm tired of wearing track pants everywhere!

The sun just popped out from behind the clouds. It's going to be a fantastic day.


Rebecca said...

i think i read a study somewhere that those people who wear fitting clothes after a day at work consume less calories than those who wear loose fitting clothes?!

i dunno though....

yeah for the working out, I'm sure you felt loads better afterwards!

MAMA P said...

I have the same problem, and I stick with the jeans that are baggy - but I wash them. I find that that' just enough to give them some more fit. Of course, I've been doing this for about a year with the same jeans and am still struggling to lose the 10 lbs., so something to keep in mind! Good luck. Tight jeans - I guess I think life's too short!

Sarah said...

I wear the tight...who cares about the muffin are working on it!!

Teresa said...

Now thats a nice problem to have. Where what makes you feel comfortable. Keep up the great work.