Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Dilemma! Need opinions

So, I signed up awhile ago for a 5K next Sunday.

The head of my mom and baby classes was so excited about it, she offered to run it with me, as support.

My training slipped through the cracks over the last few weeks. Bah. I had emailed this woman a few weeks ago to make plans, but didn't hear back from her. I assumed that she wasn't going to be able to run it with me.

The last few days, I was thinking about not running the race. I can only run 3 minutes at a time (at most!). I really wouldn't be able to do the race any justice. I have really let myself down on this one.

Anyway, this woman just e-mailed me saying that she signed up for the race and she's really excited to wait for me at the finish line. I really didn't expect to hear back from her!

What do I do? I feel terrible. I don't think I'm ready to run a 5K, but I was supposed to be trained up by now. I also don't want to let this woman down.

Opinions, internet?


marie said...

Is this a 5km in TO?
I'd run with you :)

Christy said...

I'd do it. Ok, so you haven't been training, so you may not run it in the time that you had hoped. But think of that exhilirating moment when you cross the finish line! I think you will be so happy that you did it!!

Jen said...

Sonya, dear, dear internet friend, Just Do It. You are going to cross that finish line. So you can only run three minutes at a time?! That's great! That's two and half more minutes than a lot of people can run at a time! What seems like a reasonable run/walk split at this point? Maybe run 2 minutes, walk 1? Get out an do a couple of practice runs--figure out what feels doable. It's okay to be conservative with your goal setting. But the point is, you can do this! And if you can run the whole thing, great! But if you do a walk/run combo, that still counts, Sonya.

Have you read anything about/by Jeff Galloway? He has lots of good things to say about the run/walk combo. When I was recovering from injuries and just getting back into running, I did a 4 mile race like this and was amazed how I kept pace with some runners. The walk breaks give you a solid recovery, giving you more endurance/stamina overall.

You can do this!


Rebecca said...

this is tough call but all i hear is "I also don't want to let this woman down."

If it's just because you dont want to let her down, eh.. I'd reconsider. I'm sure she'll understand (especially if you met at baby classes) that stuff happened and you just arent able to run this race.

Best of Luck and do what you feel you need to do for yourself!

Sonya said...

Gosh, you guys are making me really reconsider my decision not to run! I'm not the kind of girl that does ANYTHING half-ass. I either SUCK at it, or ROCK it. I really feel like I'd be giving the 5K a half-ass attempt. But then, is it really, if I strap on my shoes and try my best?

Marie - you are SO sweet! Yes, it's the TO marathon 5K. I'm not sure that you want to run it with me, seeing as it'll probably take me a WHOLE hour to run 5k, and you just finished a 1/2 marathon!:-) But knowing that you want to, makes me want to cross that finish line all the more....

Jen said...

"I really feel like I'd be giving the 5K a half-ass attempt. But then, is it really, if I strap on my shoes and try my best?"

There's a kind of perfectionism that can work against you... keep you FROM achieving goals. Just because you haven't been "perfect" in your training, doesn't mean you have to give up the goal. Re-evaluate. Figure out a plan that will work. But don't give up.

And I really believe you can complete this 5k. Keep in mind the surge of energy you're going to get from the excitement of the race, too... it'll help!

I just know that you're going to feel such an enormous sense of accomplishment when you cross that finish line, Sonya. I really want you to have that. (For YOU, of course, not because you feel like you owe anyone else.)

Okay, I'll shut up now and quit being so bossy :-)

Sonya said...

Jen - you know that i have long admired your athleticism. In fact, I am striving to be like you one day.:-)

You just made me realize that I'm going to do this race. The goal isn't to do it in a certain time, it's to cross the finish line. And I'm going to treat this race like it's the BEGINNING of my journey to become a runner, instead of a milestone somewhere in the middle.

THANK YOU so much.:-)

Now, I need some advice. I have four days until the race. Of course, I'm tempted to run everyday. What is reasonable at this point, so that I know what my comfort level is?

Teresa said...

You can do it. It doesn't have to be in record time or at light speed. Lots of people walk through it. Good luck.

Sheridan said...

oh yes girl, that's the spirit. A- don't let her down, and mostly don't let yourself down. You might think you had your mind made up not to do it, but nah, there would be no posting if you already skipped out on the event! Go for it, so what if you run a little, walk a little more, you'll make it through the finish and will totally enjoy that "feeling like a million bucks!"
So put those running shoes on, have fun with it! :)

Jen said...


As far as preparation at this point--I would recommend a relaxed run/walk twice. Take the day before the race completely off (or maybe just do a 20-30 minute walk).

You can do this, Sonya! And I love the idea of looking at the race as a beginning. You're going to do great! I wish I could be there to cheer you on in person.

totegirl said...

Walk/run! Just do it! It's nice to have someone waiting for you at the finish line! You don't get that every single day. So have fun!