Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Stepping it up

The last few days I've been really exhausted and sluggish. No amount of sleep seems to be enough! I wake up feeling like it's 3am. I'm either coming down with something, or there's some hormonal shift going on in my body. Or, it could be that the slightly blustery weather outside is starting to encourage my body to go into hibernation mode.

Needless to say, I need to up my game. I think I've been in maintenance mode as far as my weight is concerned, and I'm starting to get a bit loosey-goosey with food choices.

I need to move things along here, so it's time to get aggressive once again.

I can't believe how easy it is to slack off a bit -a day turns into two days, then a week, then a month, etc. There needs to be constant commitment to this journey. I'm learning that. Slowly, but surely. It's not a race - this is as much about a mental transformation as it is a physical one.

So last week, I managed to exercise five times. This week, I'm at nil. Luckily, it's only Wednesday and there's time to redeem myself yet.

That's the thing about this weight loss journey: I'm learning that course correction is what it's all about, not throwing in the towel. There's always a way to compensate for bad choices without giving up altogether. It's never too late.

So, the past few days are history. Today, I'm giving it my all.


Kim said...

Amen sister!! :) Man are we on the same page.

Rebecca said...

I was wondering you were!?

seriously, your doing great even if it is just maintenance. your attitude is phenom!

JavaChick said...

Course correction is a good way to look at it. Just keep moving forward. :)