Monday, November 09, 2009


I'm 20 minutes away from my first spinning class. (I know, I know - I said I was going to pick jogging tonight, but forgot about how dark it gets in the early evening!).

Anyway, I am really NERVOUS. I know I'm going to be the most overweight person there. The gym is SO full of fit people. I don't know if I'll be able to keep up. And yet, I picked up the phone and signed up for the class tonight.

Am I crazy?

Will post later if I manage to walk to the class without fainting!


Christy said...

Im SO excited for you!!

I feel the same (am I surprised, heck no) - tomorrow night I'm starting my new gym and I KNOW it's all full of fit people and I'm just dying knowing I will be the biggest one there.

But one day my dear, we will be one of them.

Can't wait to hear about it!


nic said...

YOU are going to love it. The best thing about a spin class is that you control your resistance, so you can participate as MUCH or as little as you want, but either way your legs are moving.

And trust me... no one will notice if you're the biggest person in the room but you, and that's an issue you should start to address. Everyone starts somewhere, even if you're starting for the 50th time. Any "fit" person knows this, and they just respect you more for making the step.

Kim said...

Good for you! I've never taken a spin class, and I can't wait to hear what you think of it!!

I'm so sorry to hear about your little boy not feeling well. :( I hope that he's doing much better!!!!!

Rebecca said...

can't wait to hear how it went!!

Carolyn said...

Ohhhh Can't wait to hear all about it! I bet you rocked it!

I was a little anxious for my first few spin classes too. Especially since I always got stuck in the front row and could feel everyone behind me staring at me! But you'll love it!! After I realized that pretty much everyone ends up sweating all over the place...I felt a lot better about huffing and puffing!

Jen said...

Oooh, I hope it was fun! The great thing about spinning is that you can totally control your own workout. Figure out how to work the resistance dial so that you're getting a workout that's challenging for your own level of fitness. Forget about everyone else in there. It's you, the music, and the bike! (Oh, and the instructor bossing you around, of course :-)

Oh, and for an extra boost of confidence, wear your 5K t-shirt.