Sunday, July 02, 2006

A mid-long weekend update

Yesterday was good!

Most of the day was spent (a) watching my dear team England lose to Portugal and then (b) trying to convince the hubby that he didn't need to spend another 2 hours watching France and Brazil.

A lazy, lazy, Saturday. Except, we did buy groceries.

Despite this, no one at my house felt like cooking last night. A fridge full of yummy fruits and vegetables did not appeal to anyone. So, the hubby asks the famous question, "do you want to go out tonight for dinner?".

On a Saturday night, the following images flash through my mind:

- Sitting on a patio with a pint of Stella and a basket of piping hot fries
- Dinner at our favourite Italian place with heaps of butterly garlic bread and fresh pasta and wine
- A pizza, popcorn, and movie night
- Or, any of the above, followed by a bit of clubbing, with a 3AM junk food run.

Hmmmm....choices, choices. Because you see, having a healthy meal on a Saturday night just NEVER happens. Eating junky is always about rebelling against the norm of the balance of the week. And I'm good at rebelling.

At this point, it's about 7:30pm. And it's pouring rain outside. And no exercise has happened all day. The "bad" angel on my left shoulder kept wafting smells of salt and vinegar in front of my nose. The "good" angel kept flashing images of the scale next week, when I weigh in.

After a tumultuous battle, the good angel won.

There's a DELICOUS "Live" food vegan restaurant about 2.5K from our place. (Sorry, I had a look for a website, and there isn't one) Their food is organic, fresh, and absolutely healthy. Definitely NOT what I would choose on a typical Saturday night. So, I suggested that we walk there and back. This way, I would get in a good walk (albeit, in the pouring rain), and some healthy food.

It was a hit. The walk there was a bit miserable (rain, two umbrellas, and a slightly grumpy husband)...but the food was amazing. I had a "macrobiotic buddha rice bowl" - brown sticky rice with a very delicious almond sauce (with a hint of coconut), and with miso-ginger sauce strewn throughout the rice. The bowl was topped with shredded carrot, steamed bok choy, and sugar-snap peas....and DELICIOUS coconut-crusted, pan-fried tofu. I also had a wonderful, fresh grapefruit/lemon/ginger juice.

And no dessert. I was just too full.

The walk back was much better, because it had stopped raining, and it had cooled down just enough to make you enjoy a gorgeous summer night in Toronto. Plus, my body was filled with healthy food, and there's nothing like making the right choice to make you feel GREAT.


Day 2 of the long weekend is today. I'm going to go and whip up some breakfast soon.

And then, the Toronto Vegetarian Association is holding a picnic today! Free barbeque! There will be great food, and a chance to hang around outside. Now, I should mention that I'm not exactly the show-up-at-a-park-on-a-Sunday-and-eat-veggie-burgers-with-strangers-type. When it comes to socializing, I have weird tendencies - but that's another blog entry in itself! I'm going to enjoy some outdoor time in a beautiful park, and to sit under a tree with some good music. And maybe, (just maybe), I'll play some frisbee.

This evening, my mother-in-law is hosting a major party. Lots of distant relatives will be there. Trust me, I have whined to the hubby about this at least twice a day for the last week. He has, in his usual martyr-like way, offered to go by himself, and tell his parents that I'm sick. Awwww. But I couldn't do that to him, could I? (I did, for a nano-second, consider the possibility). Hence, more awkward socializing. And really greasy food. Like samosas. And fried potatoes. And white rice.

I'm taking over a vegetable platter, and will search desperately for some protein at dinner time. But I hope I have the strength to resist samosas. Who, in this world, can resist fresh samosas?


And finally (I'm rambling today, sorry) - I'm planning a suprise brunch for the hubby tomorrow. I'm going to make him a typical British fry-up:

- scrambled tofu with portabello mushrooms, red peppers, and green peppers
- rosemary roasted potatoes in the oven
- fresh toast with organic butter
- beans (but of course!)
- and vegetarian back-bacon.

All served, with a piping hot cuppa tea.

I will have all of the above, except maybe just ONE little potato, no butter on my toast, and just a few beans.

Have a great day everyone!


totegirl said...

#1: "Who, in this world, can resist fresh samosas?" Not me.

#2: Will you adopt me? My mouth is watering just reading this post...

Living to Feel Good said...

Mmmm roasted rosemary favorite!! All of that sounds lovely! WoooHooo to you on making the right choice for dinner. I know how hard it is, especially on the weekend. You sound like me with the walking part. I alway make my husband walk from the parking structure to the entrance of Disneyland instead of taking the tram, so I can get my walking in. heh. ;) However we can get it in right? Hope the BBQ works out for you, and your surprise brunch sounds wonderful!! Have a good one!! :)

Anonymous said...

I love Live restaurant! So glad you did to. I've only been one and I had the mixed raw food plate. Yum..I totally recommend it. You get to try samples of 4 of their raw dishes all at once!

How was the picnic? Obviously I didn't go, but I totally should have.

KleoPatra said...

Wow, wonderful night of the walk in the rain and good food. How i applaud your good angel and the decision to do what you did. GREAT JOB!!

How was the picnic!? Please post about it!!

Your husband is gonna love you even MORE for such a scrumptious meal...

Hope your week continues to go well. Good for you all around!!

Michelle said...

I have to admit that I cried when Paul Robinson let in the first penalty kick from Portugal. And then really cried when they lost the game. Stupid eh? I couldn't help it. I am still feeling really low about it!

Cowgirl Warrior said...

If you resisted the samosas, I hold you in awe...I love fresh veggie samosas

t. said...

Vegetarian barbeque!
Fresh samosas!
Raw Vegan Restaurant!

You are KILLING ME here!

(BTW, lots of pride from me for walking in the rain 2.5 km!)

Jen said...

I'm glad that the good angel kicked the bad one off your shoulder ;)

You know I'm not into soccer but I think I should check it out a little more. Everyone seems so excited about it!