Monday, August 14, 2006

Being inspired is such a wonderful feeling

First of all, I've been inspired by so many blogs lately - just too many to mention.

- Cowgirl Warrior is training for a marathon in Hawaii - how fabulous is that?
- KleoPatra inspires me just about everyday with her vegetarian/vegan musings
- Becky is kicking some serious butt along the journey of weightloss
- Megan makes some seriously fantastic looking food. Her creativity in the kitchen is amazing.
- Sarah has been doing awesome in her exercise routine lately, and she amazed me by baking a gazillion cupcakes for her friend.
- Pinknest writes amazing food reviews and she lives in one of the most exciting cities in the world (NY!) - and she doesn't take it for granted.
- Tax is on a vegan weightloss journey in Italy, of all places in the world. She's got an awesome and determined attitude.
- Jen's perseverence is amazing - she doesn't let anything stand in her way.
- Jackie has amazing honesty and grit. She's awesome.
- Michelle has kicked some serious butt on her journey so far - and she never ceases to make me laugh.
- Venus is going to be a world-famous aromatherapist!

....I know that I've forgotten many blogs, and for that I apologize! I feel like I draw on some amazing things from things that everyone writes....and I feel so grateful!

I think my maternal instincts are starting to kick into overdrive. Over the last few days, I've felt the need to start becoming more creative in the kitchen. In particular, baking. I have a sudden urge to bake vegan brownies and cookies and cake. Not necessary EAT them, but watch others enjoy them.

I purchased three books this weekend:

1. Vegan with Vengeance by Isa Moskowitz
2. La Dolce Vegan by Sarah Kramer
3. Garden of Vegan by Sarah Kramer and Tanya Barnard.

I am such a nerd. I was at the bookstore with my husband, and was only going to buy the first two...but couldn't put down the third (lots of great recipes!) - so he sighed, and said, "just take all three!". Why am I a nerd? I also purchased a pack of post-it notes so that I could read the books from cover-to-cover, and "flag" all of my favourite recipes. Hee Hee.

I'm so excited, I can't even tell you. So this weekend, I'm going to make an asparagus and sundried tomato frittata with rosemary baked potatoes for brunch, some walnut-pesto fusilli with cherry tomatoes and fresh bruschetta for dinner, and some chocolate-chip cookies for tea. The hubby has enthusiastically agreed to be my taster, for better or for worse. I will photograph all of the outcomes!

I still have to post SF pictures, but I am at work right now, and don't have my camera. Sorry! Will get to it later.

In baby news - I'm not 100% sure. In fact, I'm probably totally imagining things...but I might have felt the baby move this morning. It felt like a weird "wave" passing through my stomach. It happened a couple of times...and it almost tickled. Not a firm "kick" or anything - but more like a ripple. It almost felt like a hunger pain - but I know it wasn't, because I had just eaten my lunch. If it was a movement, WOW. I can't wait until they're big kicks. Amazing.

I went to the gym at lunch, and now I'm done exercise for the day! Woo hoo. I'll go home early tonight, and get dinner ready...sauteed cauliflower, indian dhal (lentils), and some spicy potato...all with brown rice.

Back to work - have a great day, everyone. And thanks again for being so inspiring!


iportion said...

I am not vegan but Garden of Vegan looks really good from what I've seen. I am working on a light vegan cupcake recipe though. It’s good but I want to try it with brown sugar instead of the baking Splenda before I post it.

Isabelle said...

Hello - came across your blog a few days ago and have just read it from the beginning. I really enjoyed it - you say things that I recognise and express them very well. Best wishes for your continuing journey!

Tyler's Story said...

All those blogs are awsome and many I have been reading daily. I have to say Tax's blog waas a huge reason I am getting back into it. Glad to see you are still around!

t. said...

ME? motivational? You serious?
I cannot move to motivate myself, I cannot imagine others!
Hugs, dear! Seeing my shy self mentioned sort of made my day :)

KleoPatra said...

Sonya, you are wonderful! What a cool post. Love that you're starting to feel baby Sonya kickin' it up a little bit. Hope you weill keep us updated on those "little things" that happen to you as you make your other journey... to motherhood (as a healthier you!)...

Thank you for all the links to blogs, some of which i know, others not. I am flattered that i offer some inspiration to you! You inspire me likewise...

Wish i could enjoy some of your baking/cooking binges there... yummy!!

I am a nerd too... books and Post-It notes abound wherever i go! I can appreciate you getting all three books, too. Those are fab ones to be sure.

Way to get to the gym and hope you continue to eat well and move your body in ways that make you feel good, in every way!

Hope to catch up with you while i'm "on the road" --- just a few hours away from where you just were in SF.


Cowgirl Warrior said...

OMG I can't believe you put me on your list. Thank you! Isn't that crazy me crossing a finish line at a marathon (hopefully) and you having a bambino...craziness. I'll definitely be seeking out internet access while I'm in Hawaii to stay in the loop for the big event.

pinknest said...

i want to see your san fran pics!!! and thanks for the shout out! your dinner sounds yummy. i had some curried chickpeas and brown rice for dinner yesterday.

The Venus said...

Thank you for mentioning my blog. :) Very sweet!

Your cooking adventure sounds wonderful. While I'm no where close to vegan, I was vegetarian (lacto-ovo) for 12 years and now I eat chicken and fish but I still cook vegetarian a lot because my husband only eats fish (no other meat). Let me know how things turn out!

Michelle said...

aw you sweet, gorgeous girl!
what a lovely thing to say!

What you felt in your tummy is called 'quickening' the first movements of your little fetus. You described them a wave or ripple. SO EXCITING!!! I am so excited for you!!! children change your life in the most amazing ways!...and some not so amazing ways..LOL Shortly after baby is'll be walking around with your hair standing on end..unable to remember when you last showered...the aroma of baby vomit caressing your hair and a beautiful amazing baby in your arms that will make it all totally worth it! xxx

Living to Feel Good said...

WoooHOooooo! Thanks for the compliment!! :D

Oh I am so excited for you if that was the baby!! My friend is 2 days over her due date right now. A couple months ago when we were at work, she pulled me over to see her belly. We could actually see the baby moving, like there was a lump moving. It was totally amazing and cool. I also got to feel and see kicks too. It will be exciting! I am so thrilled for you. I can't wait to experience that too!!

BTW can't wait to see both SF and the food pics!! Those meals you have planned out sound AMAZING!
And you're not a nerd, I do the same thing with my books. We are just passionate people. ;)

Michelle said...

Hey sonya
new blog okay

formerly Michelle from ;)

Becky said...

you are such a doll! i love you to pieces.
And I am so excited for you!!!!!!