Monday, August 21, 2006

A quick update

Well, I didn't want to post here without my pictures again - because I've been promising for a little while now! I just need to get my ultrasound picture scanned, and I'll be all ready to go. I figured that posting is better than not posting at all.:-)

I should start off by saying that my eating over the last few days has not been great. It hasn't been horrible - but has involved many junkie and unnecessary items. I feel like a horrible mum-to-be! I was doing REALLY well. In fact, my mother-in-law commented that it looks like I haven't gained any weight except around my belly - which is a good thing. The truth is, I have an excuse to jut my belly out now - the old "fluffiness" with baby growth included.:-)

Hubby and I rented movies on Saturday night, and we devoured a VERY large bag of kettle chips and dip. Plus we had burritos for dinner. Plus, we went to a wedding the evening before. And the night before that, I went out for dinner with a friend where I had spring rolls, pad thai, and ice-cream. UGH.

I'm trying to get back on track today. I still haven't eaten that peanut butter cup I've been craving for a couple of weeks now - so that feels good. I'm planning on going for a LONG walk this evening as well. It's really hard once you've fallen off the wagon! It feels good lying on the ground for awhile, let me tell you.

Anyway, pictures will definitely follow, but I baked chocolate-chip cookies for the first time!!! From the "La Dolce Vegan" cookbook. I felt soooo domesticated. The only problem was that I didn't realize cookies expanded in the oven (I know, silly of me) - and they all sort of joined together because they were too close together on the tray. Like one GIGANTIC cookie or something. They were very, very yummy. The hubby gobbled them up eagerly - so that's a good sign. He even protested when I tried to wrap a few up for his younger brother last night.:-) His younger brother tried one, and didn't even flinch. I didn't even tell him they were vegan and had tofu in them. He just kept eating them. COOL!

Tonight for dinner is whole-wheat fusilli with shredded carrot, broccoli, celery, roasted onions, and mushrooms. I'm adding chick-peas for protein. I just need to peel myself out of this computer chair and start chopping. That's right. Maybe if I sit here and keep typing the pasta will get made for me....but probably not.

Have a great night everyone!


iportion said...

When I was pregnant I had a craving for peanut butter and jelly on pretzels with milk. Shadily it was a lot better than I had been eating.
Just do your best.

The Venus said...

Your pasta sounds really good for tonight! Good to hear the weight is holding steady except in the "right" place. :)

LivingMinimal said...

Sounds like an awesome meal.
It could always be worse. I've seen some women that seems like never even consider that they are eating for two! In your case it sounds like you're very conscious of it and doing your best. Keep it up!

KleoPatra said...

Keep on believing in yourself, Sonya. Your baby is going to be SO lucky to get to call you "MOMMY." You are wonderful.

Remember, Sonya, we all have letdowns in life, but the important thing is to not let them get YOU down. There is power in positive thinking. Believe me...


Becky said...

did you tell me home-made chocolate chip cookies? I need to send you my address so you can send me some of those bad boys. YUMYUMYUM!!!!
are you craving pickles? I have heard many pregnant women crave pickles, is this true?
love you :)

Belladora said...

I hope you got your walk in. I always try to get at least that much in everyday.

Chocolate chip cookies...YUM!

Sonya said...

You guys are so sweet, thanks. I don't feel so terrible anymore - but it's such a huge responsibility, you know - making sure the baby is healthy and happy in there.:-)

iportion - peanut butter and jelly on ANYTHING rocks.

Venus - didn't end up making the pasta - that's tonight instead.

Livingminimal - thanks for visiting!

Kleo - you almost made me cry with your comment. Okay - there was a little trickle of a tear at the corner of my eye. You're awesome. Yes, power in positive thinking is KEY.

Becky - those cookies are on their way to you! Mind you, they aren't circular looking - but they hit the spot. And I did crave pickles in my first trimester - anything crunchy and salty, lol. Now, I can't stand pickles! Ahhh - pregnancy.

Belladora - I'm sure Becky will share some of those cookies with you.

Living to Feel Good said...

Okay now I want a cookie!!

You know eating for two is difficult. My friend who I've talked about (6 days past her due date now..poor thing) ate healthy the whole time. I fear that I'll want junk the whole time. I know I want to eat healthy. It has to take some serious will power, and even though you've had your bumps, you are aware and you do make an effort. You are doing good babe! Don't get too worried about it.

Michelle said...

so....vegan cookie recipe PLEASE.....!!! ;)

You are doing great long as you aren't eating junk 24/7, I wouldn't worry about it. My OBGYN told me that babies in the womb are like leeches...they suck all the good stuff out of your blood and leave you with the shit. ;) So eating poorly will likely affect yourself more than baby!! So enjoy being preggers girl!!!

Nicki Baker said...

Good luck. Remember balanced diet and exercise are the keys to healthy weightloss. If you splurge one day, cut back the next day or two and exercise a little more. Sounds like you've lost a good amount already. I hope you can meet your goal and be healthy!

Urban Vegan said...

don't beat yourself up. you're doing fine!

pinknest said...

pictures pictures pictures!
did you photograph your cookies?!

KleoPatra said...

There really IS power in you. Keeping your mind free of anxiety as much as you can, and keeping your heart filled with love while concentrating on thoughts that keep you focused POSITIVELY on what lies ahead, Sonya, that's key.

I've been down so low before from events of my life that have tested me in every way, and i've learned this the hard way. And now, it's not so hard (most of the time!)...


KleoPatra said...

Sonya, thank you for checking in. I have been wondering how you are doing. How is the journey to motherhood going?! I am glad, glad, glad you are continuing to move in a positive direction. Keep the inner Sonya light shining!

Cowgirl Warrior said...

I did get time to embrace the CBC at my Dad's house, that's one of the few clear channels he gets :)

You're eating so well, I know so many that sort of went crazy food wise while pregnant. You're always very conscious of what you're doing.

kleo2 said...

Hope all is well, Sonya!

K and M